Winguard G System

Nanotechnology based coating for solar panels.

The WInGuard G system is a revolutionary Self-cleaning coating based on photocatalytic technology for photovoltaic systems.
The effectiveness of the PhotoVoltaic (PV) systems will be reduced by 10-20% due to the dust and dirt accumulation. PV Panels require  regular cleaning, which is not only costly, but consumes large amounts of water. To tackle this problem of hampered efficiency and increased maintenance we at WinOne Product Technologies have developed a gamechanging photocatalytic coating called the WinGuard G system.
The WinGuard G system is an invisible coating based on photocatalytic technology that increases the power energy efficiency of PV systems.  WinGuard G utilizes (surrounding light) UV radiation to activate and remove contaminants, organic stains, germs, bacteria and gaseous pollutants. As a  semiconducting catalyst, WinGuard® G nanoparticles are activated by light to produce short-living oxidizing compounds: oxygen and hydroxyl radicals. The light’s permeability is increased as the nanoparticles reduce the local roughness of the glass that would reflect light. WinGuard G also acts as antistatic thereby preventing  sand or dust accumulation. Due to its superhydrophilic and anti- fogging properties, water cannot form droplets that scatter the light. The action of the coating is also enhanced during humid conditions or at low temperatures conditions.
  • Decomposes gaseous pollutants
  • Decomposes organic pollutants
  • Prevents dust/dirt accumulation
  • Increases glass transparency
  • Increases energy production during cloudy weather conditions
  • Minimizes the cleaning effort
  • Increased efficiency
  • Always active – a photocatalyst  
  • Increased transparency of glass
  • Eco friendly  
  • Suitable for industrial use
  • Super hydrophilic
  • Antistatic
  • Anti-reflective  
  • Self-cleaning