Wingaurd GT

Transparent glass thermal insulation
Winguard GT is a transparent thermal insulation-cleaning coating using functional semiconductor nano-materials and environmental protection high-performance resin to form a green environmental protection thermal insulation coating through a special process. It is suitable for building glass, glass windows of trains, ships and other vehicles.
Winguard GT reduces the air conditioning consumptions by maintaining the temperature inside. In summer the temperature difference goes upto 10℃. Winguard GT also provides heat preservation in winters, reducing the heating load thereby reducing the energy consumption.
Winguard GT also increases the transparency of the glass, the visible light transmittance is more than 80%, increasing indoor brightness and vision. At the same time it reflects about 90% of the UV radiation preventing indoor furniture from aging and protecting the people inside.
Winguard GT also gives the additional advantage of increasing the glass durability and safety while also being eco-friendly and protecting the environment by reducing energy consumption.