WINStoneGard-WRS is an unique liquid to form stable water repellent surface. It is low viscosity liquid with an optimum concentration. It  works by impregnating into pores, voids, capillaries and cracks of masonry and concrete forming excellent hydrophobicity on the surface.
  • Transparent, Non-staining – Does not adversely change the natural surface appearance.
  • Prevents ingress of water borne chlorides and sulphates .
  • Excellent water repellent characteristics.
  • Does not block concrete breathing.
  • Excellent for tropical climate.
  • Becomes an integral part of the substrate hence no peeling off or erosion. · Protects surface and enhances life of paint.
  • Protects paint from discoloration and pollution.
  • Excellent anti carbonation properties.
  • Single component hence easy to use with optimum economy.
  • Chemical resistant to fuels and oils.
  • Compatible with solvented surface coatings.
  • Deep penetration in the substrate enhances long lasting results.
  • To treat concrete against ingress of water and waterborne salts.
  • To minimize efflorescence in masonry structures.
  • To create water repellency in stones, bricks and concrete surfaces.