Hybrid nanotechnology based corrosion protection. (replacement to powder coating, phosphating, galvanising)
SteelX is a ready to use hybrid nanotechnology based corrosion protection system which forms a thin nano film and bonds with the surface at a molecular level to create an anti-corrosive surface while increasing the bonding strength by 100%. It penetrates deep inside the pores of the rusted surface and brings out the existing rust & stops further rusting. Coating thickness of only 0.02 microns making it highly scratch resistant. The unique crystalline arrangement of NANOCOAT adheres to the steel surface very strongly leading to an enormous increase in the bonding strength of steel.
WINGUARD STEELX is water based, it gives a much higher coverage area. An Eco friendly, safe, reusable, RoHS complied liquid having no adverse environmental impact. WINGUARD STEELX as successfully passed a 170 degree Bend Test.
  • Excellent corrosion & chemical resistance coating.
  • Designed as a protective coating for coastal, industrially polluted environment and in aggressive conditions.
  • Excellent resistance to moisture and saline conditions.
  • Good resistance to water and splash of mild chemicals.
  • Simple way of surface preparation.
  • Superior bonding strength with steel and concrete.
  • Lower coating cost and absolute ease of application.
  • Suitable for touching up of weld seams and damages to coatings during construction