Drag X

DragX is a novel surface treatment developed by Oceanit U.S.A. for pipeline integrity which utilizes nanocomposite technology to create a water and oil repellent, low friction surface even on corroded in-service pipelines. DragX is effective at a fraction of the thickness of conventional pipeline coating systems (Epoxy- 2mil)  which results in a low-friction internal surface that provides flow assurance, prevents corrosion, deposition & adhesion. DragX can lower operations costs, maintenance costs and pipeline down-time.
The energy industry has embraced the numerous benefits found in using factory-applied, flow-efficiency coatings for pipelines. These benefits include increased efficiency & throughput, reduced pressure drop, reductions in power use for pumping, mitigation of corrosion on internal pipe surfaces, reduction in adhesion of debris & paraffin, and reductions in the cost of inspection, cleaning & maintenance.
Past coatings – both in-situ and factory-applied – have had issues with pot life after preparation (shorter than 45 minutes), extremely long curing times (up to two weeks), and required coating-thickness which impacts business and capacity (8 mil+). These properties have made the adoption of in-situ-applied epoxy coatings impractical for many pipelines. DragX eliminates these issues as well as the needs for costly inhibitors and injection of chemicals to assist in flow assurance.
DragX has strong adhesion, abrasion-resistance, no adverse effects on purity of the fluids being transported, and increases flow capacities at decreased pressure, even for derated pipelines.