Liquid Thermal Insulation

Bronya is a revolutionary heat insulating coat that works on almost any type of surface, even on corroded ones. Bronya heat insulation works for temperatures ranging from -60°C to +220°C and has a life span of ten to fifteen years depending on the environment and usage. Bronya also has the additional advantage of easy application, it is applied just like a paint eliminating the need of aluminium claddings, Jackets, Armaflex and other similar complex insulation systems.
After polymerization a surface gets flexible, matt and has unique thermophysical properties, prevents heat loss and surface condensation, ensures corrosion protection and protection against fire.
Just one mm of Bronya is equivalent to fifty-sixty mm of conventional insulation systems. (1 and has unique mm thick coat actually equals 50-60 mm of contemporary insulation)
Silent features.
  1. Applied as a paint, Works like a Thermal Barrier;
  2. Completely eliminates Corrosion under Insulation phenomenon;
  3. Thermal conductivity of 0.001 W/m2/oC and other thermophysical and  physical characteristics have been confirmed by dozens of laboratory  reports of competent accredited laboratories;
  4. Higher speed of application as compared to conventional insulations;  
  5. Service life of 10+ years;
  6. Provides superior corrosion protection along with thermal insulation;
  7. Performance reports and Test certificates for applications all around  the world;